What is timemorph

Time morph refers to a method of camera movement used to produce extremely slow-motion or even stopped motion scenes. We make use of a process that is based on a very old technique developed as early as 1893 by Eadweard Muybridge to freeze motions into individual images. Today’s computer technology enables the resulting gaps between the frames to be calculated using sophisticated interpolation logarithms.

The similar technique Bullet time was first used in the action film, KILL and KILL AGAIN in 1981. Following this, the effect was also used in advertising and eventually popularized by the movie THE MATRIX. John Gaeta, who was in charge of special effects for the film THE MATRIX, implemented bullet time by arranging 120 reflex cameras with overlapping fields of vision to be shot at various points around the scene. After shooting, a computer was used to generate a single virtual camera movement. This creates a strange reality whereby motions can be experienced as they are frozen in space.